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Who’s Your Daddy?

“Therefore, you should pray like this -Our Father in heaven,” Matthew 6:9-13 After describing how NOT to pray (Matthew 6:5-8), Jesus brought into prayer, for those who are committed to learning  from him, the unique approach of addressing God as “Abba” (Galatians 4:6, Romans 8:15) Father. Today, this seems kind of obvious, but at this period of time it was a […]

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Marriage: Less Common, More Fragile

Little world, full of little people shouting for recognition, screaming for love, Rolling world, teeming with millions, carousel of the hungry, Is there food enough? Wheat and corn will not do. The fat are the hungriest of all, the skinny the most silent. James Kavanaugh   Today’s culture is missing something. It’s missing something so […]

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